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L2 Sakara PvP


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xm.png Chronicle: Interlude

xm.png Experience: x500

xm.png Experience in party: x1.2

xm.png Pet Experience: x500

xm.png Skill Points: x500

xm.png Adena Drop: x250

xm.png Item Drop: x1

xm.png Raid Boss Drop: x1


xm.png Enchant Safe: +5
xm.png Enchant Max: +24
xm.png Scrolls Normal: 70% Chance (In GM SHOP)
xm.png Scrolls Blessed: 80% Chance (In GM SHOP)
xm.png Scrolls Crystal: 100% Chance (In GM SHOP)


xm.png Castle Siegs: 7 Days

xm.png Castle Siegs: Hrs In NPC

xm.png Olympiads: 7 Days

xm.png Olympiads: Full A-Grade +5

xm.png Armors : Grade-S Set

xm.png Armors : Dynast Set

xm.png Armors : Red Kight Set

xm.png Armors : Sakara Imortal Set

xm.png Weapon : Grade-S Weapons

xm.png Weapon : Dynast Weapons

xm.png Weapon : Vesper Weapons

xm.png Weapon : Legendy Sakara Weapons

xm.png Hats Custom: News hats Character Custom


xm.png Itens Accesorios Hats In Shop NPC

xm.png Raid Boss Infor Hours in NPC

xm.png Shows Event Infor Hours in NPC

xm.png Events Managers Infor Hours in NPC

xm.png Nobless Kill Barakiel Infor Hours in NPC

xm.png Cancel Returm Sistema Retorno De Buffs


WebSite L2 Sakara PvP - Interlude

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